About Us

As we began to extend our family, I was still keeping active but found that the range and comfort of legging I was able to find, weren't fitting my shape as I grew and changed. My leggings would roll down my belly as I moved and I was constantly readjusting. This is what sparked my idea to start our own clothing range.

Deciding on the name Boss Revolution was one of the quickest decisions we made when starting out. The word boss came from me being a mother of two, holding two jobs, and trying to keep my house in order. In my eyes, I was boss. Managing to keep everyone together and on time. That's not to say I was doing it alone. We have a great support system of family and friends around us. But with everything that has to be done, it can get overwhelming.

'Revolution', came from finally accepting my own differences and being confident in the person I am and the body I was given and wanting to empower others to feel the same confidence. How boring life would be if we were all the same.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW Australia, we are a small business aiming to expand to a range that is suited to all shapes and sizes, all while building a strong like minded community around us.