Our times not refundable.

Prioritising work and life is by far one of the hardest things I try to manage. Do I spend more time playing with my children? Do I clean the house and get the washing done? Do I give our dogs the attention they crave? Or do I spend more time focusing on building our business? When do I start cutting the hours I do at work to focus more on other things? And when do I focus on myself? Let alone spend time with my husband.

These are some of the questions that are running through my head while I'm doing the first of two or three dish washing sessions for the day. How can I give myself more time? How can I fit everything into a day and not feel like I or my family are missing out on something? Our times not refundable. Once we use it, it's gone.

This thought had me scrambling for ideas before I realised, its all the little things that add up. The picking discarded dirty clothes up from around the house of an afternoon and filling empty water bottles that have strategically placed themselves in every room. Collecting every toy that has jumped out of cupboards and toy boxes to pack away so they can jump out again tomorrow.

What small changes can we be making to make our lives that little bit easier and give ourselves more time for what’s important to us?

I for one, will be getting someone to look at our dishwasher which has never worked properly since we moved in almost five years ago!

This will save me spending an hour every day doing the washing up. That’s 365 hours a year! And that’s just ridiculous! What a waste of time.

What small change will you make to give yourself more time?

And what will you do with all those extra hours?

Tips for times savers:

1: No more buying water bottles. Not just for the environmental side,but if hubby wants some water, use your reusable one! 

2: Pack away toys where they can't be pulled out by little hands. Have you ever actually sat and watched your children play? Do they really need 20 little cars and 5 different options of construction blocks at any given time? This will limit clean up time, give you more floor space that's not covered with toys and when you change whats out to play with, its like they'd forgotten they even had those toys!

3: Stop procrastinating on getting things fixed or replaced. I spend so much time thinking about who I need to call to get my vacuum fixed, that I never actually call anyone. My floor gets filthier, and by the time I get a working vacuum, it will take me half a day to rid my floors of dog hair, dirt and what ever other little rocks and leaves my children have collected inside.

4: Make it a game. This is one of my favourite tricks with children. Once a week, I put a washing basket in the middle of the floor and my boys help me collect as many toys, shoes and random pieces of junk as possible to fill it. We then move it upstairs, where most of it goes, and we race to see who can put away the most. This also help to teach husbands where things actually go in the house. Win, Win.

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