"Ok. But don't laugh at me."

When starting up a business, so many times when I thought about my plans and ideas which I would have to put forward for people to see or help me bring to life, I found myself thinking "Ok. But don't laugh at me".I literally had this quote running through my head. It has taken me years to get Boss Revolution from brain child to start up all with pushing through these thoughts. I often used my illness throughout pregnancies or the fact that we chose to have children close together as my excuse to put it on the back burner. 

Not once through this process have I heard anyone laugh at my ideas or think its stupid and given me nothing but positive or helpful feedback. Unfortunately, this is just one thing that so many of us feel. Anxiety which prevents us from doing what we want to most.

I originally started this business because I wasn't happy with the maternity active wear range I was able to find during pregnancy. But through the course of this journey it has evolved into more than that. I plan to help change the self perception that our different thoughts and ideas are not valid. That one body shape is just as beautiful as the next. That one mind does not imagine and believe the same as another. I want to build a community that supports and encourages everyone to believe in their own plan without fear of judgement.

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