Get Moving At Home!

As a mother, I'm finding it harder to make time for myself to fit in a workout or any form of exercise. I'm either the only one home to look after the children, I'm prioritising everyone else's needs like feeding, cleaning and clothing them, or I'm just too bloody tired after running around all day or being at work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who lacks motivation after midday. And after a few "I'll do it tomorrows", two weeks have passed and other than running up and down my stairs at home while I clean the house and stop my boys from fighting, I haven't done anything to actively move my body.

Today, I found the bands that I'd picked up 12 months ago at Kmart and decided it was about time I unboxed them and actually gave them a try. Instead of planning a workout, I just moved. I did one exercise until my legs started to hurt, then did another until I couldn't hold the extra weight of children climbing on my back. I kept doing this until the bands became weapons of war and slingshots and I had to stop all together to intervene before someone lost an eye.

The boys had fun, for a bit. I moved my body, for a bit. And I got a few minutes for myself which we now call 'family workout time".

Here's the exercises I tried today. Why not give it a go yourself, with or without bands and children. You may be surprised how much you get out of it!

  1. Shoulder taps
  2. Push ups
  3. Side squats
  4. Hip thrust
  5. Side leg raises

Do whatever you can. Your not competing with anyone! 


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